The city of small white-collar favored business – rotating Hot pot

2016 China’s major cities housing prices continue to rise, so that more people are aware of their pressure on life. Of course, the obvious trend is that the gap between rich and poor in China will be bigger and bigger, and we can’t find our own way. So try to be able to find a suitable way to go.

recently, Hangzhou white collar to give up on the topic of the heat on micro-blog only increase, rising prices forced many white-collar workers eventually choose to give up buying. National Bureau of statistics data show that, compared with the end of 2014, the current Shenzhen, Beijing and Shanghai second-hand housing prices rose 66%, respectively, 48% and a record high. The rate of price increases to working-class heart miserable, gradually understand only venture to accumulate more money to buy a house, so many white-collar workers have turned to entrepreneurship, the city will usher in a hitherto unknown pot rotating Hot pot joined the investment boom.

start to focus on investment in big city white-collar high tide! Join

rotating Hot pot pot

why city white-collar workers have joined the Hot pot pot rotating welcome? The original city of pot innovativelinked rinse roast with a pot of boiling and variable, left, right side barbecue, a table is obviously different from the common market on a Hot pot, a barbecue pot of congestion. The city of the pot in the shape of the form of gossip, transfer the concept of Yin-Yang harmony to consumers at the same time, to bring consumers more double delicious. This unique model, white-collar workers pocketed the eye, rushing to the big city of natural rotation Hot pot pot to join.

try to think about the customer’s mind so that entrepreneurs continue to

a table, a pot, the simplicity of the space created but it is a supreme taste, which is a big advantage of the big city to join Hot pot pot rotation entrepreneurs white-collar. The traditional Hot pot rinse roast shop, just Hot pot and barbecue equipment will occupy half of the country with the table, tableware, drinks every consumer can display space of small and small, crowded state can enjoy the joy of. This is a lot of white-collar workers every meal encounter situation, and the city to provide consumers with one pot of boiling and baking pan, each table very little space, consumers can put their own dishes in front of love, don’t trouble others to help themselves with food, a right hand left hand washing, roast, don’t have to worry about touch the tableware or the table and is human to fight for a little space on the table "strike violently".

see themselves as consumers when it was inconvenient to big city white-collar workers to solve small, big city small indeed in the consciousness of consumer psychology research on a lot of effort, such ideas project, the market is rare, so they decided to go into the city to join the big family of rotary Hot pot pot.

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