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in many old brand food items, many food into time-honored is because he can take advantage of change, to meet the current consumer demand of people, nature on the basis of the traditional ones, don’t see is still a time-honored, but the essence is always present in front of everyone to the new look. The development of the traditional steamed bun industry, the drawbacks and shortcomings of various products began to be exposed. The problem is hard, bun dough fillings taste uneven become obstacles to the development of the industry for the steamed bun, the status of the industry, the package has long Shangguan test, in-depth research, starting from the characteristics of the product, a unique method of innovation, and homemade fresh fillings lock technology, successy solved this problem, become the industry buns darling. So how to join?

small steamed stuffed bun I surname Shangguan, if you want to know me, then look down.

Shangguan steamed stuffed bun advantage:

1. joined Shangguan bag buns investment small. Technology learning is very simple, 3-7 days to master. Related production equipment and appliances are provided free of charge by the headquarters. 3-5 square meters can operate, flexible location.


2. package is Shangguan ingredients of ancestral secret recipe, contains a variety of medicinal ingredients, many Chinese medicine for grinding and processing, others can not imitate, let you do a business.


3. package features bun franchise Shangguan flexible, diverse patterns, not only can takeaway business, sit shop sales, sales also suffer in the canteen or batch into supermarkets, canteens and so on, so that you are a lot, no worries.

Shangguan steamed stuffed bun support:

1, technical training support, professional teacher.

2, assist site selection, decoration, to help quickly set up shop.

3, marketing support, new product development, follow-up service support.

Shangguan steamed stuffed bun process

1, message, telephone consultation, on-site visits to headquarters.

2, qualification, signed a contract to pay the cost.

3, technical training, site decoration shop, after-sales service.

above is steamed stuffed bun to join the project self statement, if there is anything that is not clear about the place, remember to leave a message on the bottom of the site on the line, there will be a dedicated staff to give you more answers.

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