How good the advantage of to sell barbecue business – Business

in our side, there are always a lot of people choose entrepreneurship. But for us, it is very important to start a successful business for the choice of a good project. How about selling barbecue? In small series, for business with a small capital of the entrepreneur, is very has the advantage of the brand business to join the project selection!

shop selling barbecue? Selling service.

his barbecue is not cheaper than the roadside stalls, why is it flourishing compared to the price of roadside barbecue stalls, barbecue shop selling ingredients do not account for too many advantages. So why does Li Ye attract customers

Li Ye said, at the beginning, open the shop is really want to increase sales through the barbecue stalls. But now the original barbecue is not barbecue, barbecue service. If you just want to eat barbecue, not to enjoy the fun of barbecue, in fact, it is not as good as the roadside barbecue to eat. We have a barbecue shop needs ingredients, utensils and other things, in the Shanghai area can also provide services such as barbecue tickets Park tickets.

now, Li Ye barbecue shop in the season every day to sell 100 to 150, and average consumption in more than 400 yuan, turnover will reach 50 thousand yuan. According to the profit of three or four to count, one day can also be netted to 15 thousand yuan. "My sales last year was 1 million 530 thousand, but sales in the first half of this year have reached to 1 million 200 thousand." According to the calculation of profit in the first half of this year, a conservative estimate of Li Ye has earned 3389. According to statistics, 4 years of entrepreneurship, Li Yenian income over one million yuan.

high quality brand business without trouble, so, for you is business with a small capital, not to join the selling barbecue project, is also very exciting? So, what are you hesitating about? Hurry up! Good opportunity to pay attention to entrepreneurship!

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