How college students entrepreneurship Shenzhen youth project – awesome support

entrepreneurship in today’s society is a very common thing, especially college students entrepreneurship, has gradually become a common phenomenon in society! How do college students start their own business? Shenzhen youth project is very good! In January 7, 2017, sponsored by the China Productivity Promotion Center Association, Shenzhen Youth Education Technology Co. Ltd., Shenzhen Lingxi Culture Media Technology Co. Ltd., Shenzhen City Department of guest host culture media company limited a youth project held a press conference in Shenzhen Baoan District victory.

news conference by human resources and social security, the Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of education, Xi’an Jiao Tong University and the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and other ministries, high-tech Innovation Service Center, Chinese continue to strongly support the Engineering Education Association, world investment group, Chuang Chuang and dozens of associations, enterprises, venture capital institutions and educational institutions. Mr. Wang Jing, director of Chinese Productivity Promotion Center Association chairman, small world group overlord Group CEO Wan Yuhua president, a youth engineering senior adviser, Xi’an Jiao Tong University high tech innovation service center director Professor Kong Xiangliu, and Shenzhen Youth Education Technology Co. Ltd. founder Ma Anhua, Qin Boyong, Mr. Xu Jiusheng and other dozen leaders attending the press conference.

is a project originated in the "double" youth under the background of reform and opening up the frontier of Shenzhen. Presided over the State Council executive meeting held by Prime Minister Li Keqiang, determined to start implementation of the students start to lead the program as the cornerstone of a youth project is the enterprise joint services relying on the Ministry of education, Ministry of human resources and the Ministry of science and technology jointly promote the "double project" and the establishment of the focus on entrepreneurial services.

according to the organizers, a youth project in 34 provinces, 2845 colleges and universities to carry out entrepreneurial ecosystem construction of landing, the government set up the enterprise interactive platform, as the National College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship one-stop service platform, bringing together governments, universities, enterprises, talents, capital, media, Internet plus, innovation project etc. the quality of social resources, focus on entrepreneurship education and guidance, implement business mentor training, innovation and entrepreneurship education, project incubator management, venture capital institutions as the main target of hatching.

is a youth project consisting of three plates are closely connected with each other, including the incubator management platform, Management Institute, venture capital incubator, corresponding research guidance, incubation tube docking, raise investment tube back three business sectors. Mr. Wang Jing talked about Chinese Productivity Promotion Center Association director said: "a youth project sponsor has extensive business experience, resources, knowledge, feelings, ideals, sense of mission, in the national advocate" background of public entrepreneurship, innovation ", for the transformation of innovation, the majority of small and medium enterprises the rich business experience in the entrepreneur mentor young college students to provide innovative entrepreneurship theory and practical guidance.

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