Bigualu ten brands list – the whole

in the cold winter heating equipment to maintain good indoor temperature is appropriate, let people not be afraid of the cold, the wall heating equipment in furnace become a good choice for people, the boiler has a strong heating function, can satisfy multiple room heating demand. People in the purchase of the boiler when most of the brand selection, with the development of social technology, the home appliance market, bigualu brand is numerous, from the brand is undoubtedly the talent shows itself by consumers love and rise above the common herd, recognized, Xiaobian to introduce bigualu ten brand list.

1, VAILLANT: German VAILLANT group, gas wall heating furnace brand

2, BOSCH: both Sheng Yu Sheng Liang

3, Italian Telman: European professional home hanging furnace top brand

italsofa Manchester source in Italy local, formerly known as Herman, was founded in 1970, has always been committed to domestic gas heating equipment R & D and production, for many years after the upgrading of products, from the production and application of standard heating gas boiler to the boiler condensate can meet different users with multi-level global market demand, become Italy the boiler industry leader in the market. Italy Italy tellman bigualu, in Italy, it is no wonder Wurenbuxiao tellman, big brands. Italy tellman bigualu has a very good reputation in the Chinese, quality, performance is very stable, and competitive price. Is currently the market of pure European descent, in the domestic assembly line without any one of the wall hanging furnace.

4, ARISTON: world class brand mixed

5, >

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