Be willing to do business – a of small profits

is now a lot of people really do not give up the money is not willing to give up, in the premise of such a lot of care, so that a lot of customer dissatisfaction, business development will naturally be affected. In fact, if you really want to do a fire business, naturally we need to be willing to give small profits, so that we can really earn a profit.

has been in the store since the milk has been purchasing. Because Li is in a small area, delivery is very convenient and timely, in addition to the wholesale beer, so the wine has been set at his home. Not long ago to listen to colleagues inadvertently disclose their purchase inside, let me have the idea to change a dealer.

peers in another dealer where the purchase, although the price is almost, but relatively cheap. The original dealer often give peers a variety of preferential policies. For example, the 24 pieces of beer to send a piece of policy, the milk to send a box of concessions, a total of 500 pieces of a microwave oven, a piece of a bicycle, and so on, and so on, and so on, a total of 800. I didn’t enjoy these deals in lee. Retail business profit is not large, these concessions quite considerable. Count up in the past few years, the purchase of the home of Lee, he earned a lot of money. Brother Lee put the fancy, manufacturers to offer, sell them, in exchange for the corresponding profit are put into their own pockets.

With the

in a cell, he wholesale and retail synchronously, give me the price of retail customers and customer to customer not much difference between naturally want to go there, he stole around several retail, retail counterparts a lot of business. Many know the truth after the businessman away from him. The new dealer but the manufacturers of gifts in a way, with the means of promotional gifts merchants. A little benefit but for the business reputation, and there he hell-bent in stock. Clever dealers make big profits with small profits.

can not bear the child can not set the wolf, the purpose of the business is to make a profit, but the shrewd operator deeply understand that the process of buying and selling is actually a mutually beneficial process. Keep all of the profits, let the buyer feel unprofitable, the seller certainly do not. Fishing and fishing need a reason, in order to do business for a long time, businesses have to learn to bait fishing.

remember once read a story: an American businessman in the conduct of the early creation of chewing gum is light, the lack of customers. The conduct of a headache. Later came up with a way, free of charge for each family 4 pieces of chewing gum, a total of a total of 1 million 500 thousand families. This makes a lot of businesses puzzled, because so many white gum will lose a lot of money. I think this free tasting let us taste of chewing gum, chewing gum and love.

buys a lot of chewing gum. Clever conduct followed on the second move: recovery of chewing gum wrappers, gum paper customers by a number of change of chewing gum. In this way, adults and children

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