Chen Zhilan’s retail store to spend the winter low season

the weather is cold, everyone shrinks in the home is not willing to go out, which for shops, business will naturally have a great impact. However, not any one of the shops are in the winter season ushered in the off-season business, this is not Chen Zhilan’s shop, even in the face of winter, also has a business "coup", so that the business of the shop is also a flourishing development.

in the mouth of Huarong Zhen Song Jia County of Hunan Province, Yueyang City, one of the best more than and 50 retail customers and Chen Zhilan. Winter comes, the countryside to the off-season operation, Chen Zhilan shop business? I decided to go and find out.

Chen Zhilan opened the shop glass door, a warmth Pumianerlai, little shop where there are two tables, two chess mahjong table, the villagers are fighting slack table "".

when asked what the coup in winter, Chen Zhilan opened the box: do business, to be popular, popular business flourishing. Our village cold early, as soon as November began to cool down, we do not want to go out, the store business is difficult to do. I let my wife bought a few electric stove, warm in the shop, willing to come to buy things."

winter villagers are more casual, like to get together and join the fun. Chen Zhilan in the shop put a number of chess tables, the shop became a place for the villagers leisure party.

"playing cards and chess players tend to smoke more, they will certainly drive the sale of cigarettes." Chen Zhilan said with a smile, some customers just want to sit in the store to take a warm, but see the need to buy the goods will still. Also some people bring children to play, always buy snacks for children, which is not a small income."

just as Chen Zhilan said, the phone rang. Pick up the phone, Chen Zhilan quickly called his wife to purchase the city. The original village is a family to marry a wife, to her home in purchasing commodities such as tobacco, wine.

"now many young people in rural areas to work in cities, often before the Spring Festival will be selected before and after the spring festival. Now the conditions are better in the countryside, forty thousand or fifty thousand dollars for marriage is nothing." Then Chen Zhilan said, "the wedding in tobacco, candy, meat and vegetables, dry cargo and fireworks on the money is more than 10 thousand, according to 10% of the gross profit calculation, we can earn more than 1 thousand dollars from a wedding!"

"but others will do this business, how can you get the ‘order’ grab it?" The author raises questions.

Chen Zhilan grinned and said: "my wife did business for 30 years, never sell fake cigarettes, and affordable, the customer does not have to run to and fro can one-time purchase is complete, my old man is free.

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