Senior Lei Gang venture for half a month – net profit 2 million

college students in spite of the current market environment is very common, however, the real success is not much, not to mention or get quite lucrative. And my college of criminal investigation senior Lei gang from selling books, special agent to brand the company, out of their entrepreneurial road.

was wearing a green woolen coat, big foot shoes, square right hand raised a brown bag. It is difficult to bear the thunder Gang, his image and students together, but closer to his other identity, deputy general manager of Chongqing Leye home textiles limited company.

ray is just 4 professional students, Southwest University of Political Science and Law College of criminal investigation investigation recently, he broke into the campus, students moved my person of the year "before the 20 strong entrepreneurship to the identity of the star. I heard the students entrepreneurial experience, freshman Lu Xin said, from a book, special agent, quilt agent to 2, 3, 4 to big brand companies, "he out of their own entrepreneurial path to a solid pace, one step closer to the distant dream."

sell reference books earn 500 yuan a week

ray first contact with entrepreneurship, after graduating from high school in the summer. I heard that in cyit school friends set up a business team, thinking about the summer vacation right, saying just by thunder, he also went to "mixed" for a week. "7, the hottest time in August, I went to Wanda Plaza with them fast food shop sponsorship, an average of about more than and 10 per day." Since the first involved in the business did not experience, before and after running for a week, the last sponsorship fee did not pull.

but it is this time to participate in the light of the fire ignited the entrepreneurial dream.

After the opening of

University, ray has been paying attention to the surrounding business opportunities may arise. My little not to learn a variety of legal provisions, and I think there is a month to test English four, six, November, Lei Gang took decisive scholarship of 5600 yuan, to the North Road, a wholesale bookstore in 5000 yuan of the book.

first in the professional publicity, and then in the campus of the QQ group in the publicity, to lower than the price of the surrounding bookstore, Lei Gang’s book was the criminal investigation school students snapped up. Earned more than 500 yuan a week.

big semester, the school held a business contest, the students from the group to sell the team with beef, fried rice, rice candy mixed box, the largest number of sales team that win. In the same class with 3 students to reach a consensus, every night at -11 o’clock in the evening, 4 students swept across the courtyard of the courtyard of the 9. Lei said that the game a total of seven days, because of the long distance race took part in the first four days, and finally, the team to sell out of the results of the 50 boxes to get the fourth.

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