The investment community children’s money – the whole

community children’s Park to join the project choice for business with a small capital of the entrepreneur, is very business choice. As we all know, the healthy growth of children, has been a matter of great concern. Community children’s paradise to join the choice, no doubt, is the children’s entertainment paradise, how can not make money?

community children’s paradise built, whether it is entertainment or puzzle, will be welcomed by the public.

first, in such a modern metropolis of Shanghai, relying on public places limited children’s game center is not enough, the community children’s recreation center just fill this vacancy, this also is the potential market factors in this project can be successful.

second, the project is flexible and diverse services, taking into account the custody of children, to solve the inconvenience of parents or to go out to a short time to support the needs of the child, so as to effectively seize the profitable business opportunities.

third, the opening of the project investment is moderate, not too many professional and technical requirements, as long as good management and diligent work, cycle to recover the investment is only about half a year, we should say it is very suitable for entrepreneurial projects.

Two years ago,

retired from kindergarten teacher Chen joined a community children’s Park, on the ground floor location is in a residential building. Backed by a small garden, facing the road, surrounded by 2 residential communities, children’s game center was surrounded by the 3 residential communities. This site has taken the first step towards success. When he was at work, Mr. Chen had a dream to open his own kindergarten after retirement. A private kindergarten "then open an easier said than done! Community children’s recreation center!" in his daughter’s sponsorship and the help of friends, Mr. Chen after careful investigation, finally chose to join Shanghai a leisure equipment Co. ltd..

to join in the way to shop, Mr. Chen has its own reason: "join can save a lot of trouble links and high cost, and some experts for my opening guidance and related consulting and marketing training, the company also through various media to carry out community oriented promotion propaganda activities, provide a good environment for the implementation of the project I do join. I can’t be compared to young people, they can run with good energy, I can only ‘secure’ money please help me shop and. This is for a certain age entrepreneurs, is the easiest way."

Chen’s children’s game center in the area is a new thing, there is no other children’s entertainment around, so quickly favored by young parents. Chen may have been practicing for many years at the children’s hospital with a smile and special care for the child’s character touched the parents and children, after a period of contact, the parents on the

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