Alternative road – Dog bikini

world, Nothing is too strange., as long as you dare to think, as long as you are willing to work hard, once again confirms that sentence, everything is possible! Below, Xiaobian for you to take an alternative entrepreneurial road, dog bikini, I hope to bring more inspiration for you!

10 birthday, my mother gave Hu Xi a little poodle, which later became the "family Miss Hu" mimi. The whole family treats Mimi as a child. In 2000, Hu Xi in the Beijing Evening News "and my pet story Essay, a" my two girl "touching, won the" best companion animal master award". Hu Xi to think how to make Mimi yanyaqunfang awards. "At first, I wanted to buy a beautiful dress, but in 2000 there was no such thing as pet clothing in Beijing. I can’t buy it myself." Hu Xi love fashion design, clothing school, was studying stage art at Academy of Chinese Traditional Opera.

after cutting experiments of waste newspaper, Mimi’s first successful clothing came out, that is a purple color of the princess skirt, the leaves above fall full of violet. "On the day it really became the most dazzling star. A lot of people scrambled to take pictures with us and asked me where I bought them." Know that Hu Creek to do their own, on the same day there are several pet owners to Hu Xi orders".

Hu Hu,

18, saw a brand new road. Hu mother is very supportive, at home to make room for her, put on a sewing machine, Beijing’s first pet clothing studio opened. "At that time, I did not want to do much, how long, I would like to dress Mimi, can earn some money is also good."

"Hu family miss", became the home of Miss Hu’s model. Hu Creek side of the work, while Mimi as the object of study, the way to explore the design of pet clothing, pet clothes than to do difficult. Pet difference is too large, size, length, volume far. At first they are not used to wear clothes, so must be close to the skin, do not let it feel uncomfortable, it will not tear down. According to this standard, to make clothes for a dog at least 20 parts should be measured. The legs and arms of the pet suit are very thin and must be sewn by hand." In addition, the pet hair, no matter what cloth to make clothes, the innermost layer must use pure cotton cloth, to prevent static electricity.

2001 a day in winter, there are pet owners complained to Hu Creek: "it is very hard to claw every day, very difficult to wash claw." Then, Hu Xihua test cut nearly 3 months, after the baby clothes designed with feet pet clothes, pet can prevent the dirty things outside the home. This health, convenient clothes so that many pet owners to change the pet fashion is not good view. Later, Hu Creek also designed the same practical pet Siamese raincoat. Intimate design, so that the name "Hu Creek", and pet fashion closely linked together.

2003 years, "Hu Creek" brand Logo began to appear in each

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