Autumn and winter what people need to drink porridge Qushi recipe health network

we all know that summer moisture is very serious, if you do not rule out the body’s moisture, will gradually lead to a variety of diseases. And often people do not realize the harm of moisture to the body, because he can not see. Not only easy to accumulate in the body moisture in summer, autumn and winter weather is cold, moisture more well discharge. We can use the method of removing moisture tonic in the body, we recommend using in the autumn and winter make a bowl of porridge warm dampness to maintain their own health, but most people do not know the autumn and winter dampness porridge formula, is not too much to pay attention to the influence of moisture on the body.

now people can feel the moisture is the most obvious thing is to wear clothes always feel very wet clothes, and the body has the performance of moisture often feel physically weak, there will be a sense of fatigue. So in daily life, the moisture may also lead to diseases such as eczema, which can help us do Qushi porridge. We took the following Qushi recommend health porridge.

was the first to recommend the barley red bean porridge, barley in Chinese medicine called coix seed, with dampness through the stomach, eliminate edema effect. For a long time have edible light Qi effect. The red beans in Chinese medicine called red bean, with obvious edema elimination, spleen and stomach function. In contemporary society, young people work pressure, bad habits, exercise is also less, have led to the heart qi deficiency, spleen deficiency wet. So to drink barley red bean porridge Qushi most appropriate, and the effect of weight loss, and dampness, spleen and stomach. The barley red bean porridge heart protective efficacy in the elderly is also very good, so the barley and red bean porridge is the collocation Qushi you learn to do.

then give you the autumn and winter is the recommendation of the ginger porridge formula Qushi Yiqi porridge, the autumn season is easy to catch cold sick, ginger can Spleen Qi, invigorating blood and removing moisture. With a teaspoon of wine, 50 grams of rice and 2~3 slice ginger boiling can be made into a bowl of warm dampness porridge. In the cold winter season, drink a bowl of porridge and ginger Qi, can warm your body, and can be an appetizer, warm stomach oh.

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