2012 boss to make money essential elements of entrepreneurship

is now the era of market economy, a lot of people want to join the investment business, occupy a certain market share, so the "sea" investment business, do business more and more, all hope in the market "muddy water" gold, a lot of people are doing the boss dream, as the target to do their own business that business, if it was worthwhile to live a career, fame, to realize their own value. This idea can not be wrong, a qualified boss should have the following elements to make money.

A, the project is good, the product profit margin is high

two, financing, financing capacity of

three, project control ability of

1, businessman

entrepreneurs whether it is an ordinary person, or just out of school "Scholar", you must first become an exercise 100% businessmen, merchants have special things: one is to make money (interest) first, to do business is to make money, then the other two business; to throw some emotional factors, face the problem, the human problem, slightly back, I’ll give you your money for goods and services, is an equal trading behavior, no one ask who, or how shy, feel shy, "Pro son, Ming accounts"; the three is to look at the weight of every penny, "mean" have a higher intelligence, will be very careful in reckoning, accurate financial management, the only way to track a wealth is accumulated.

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