70% rural youth with college degree or above

was admitted to the university is the rural youth, carp jump Longmen, the promotion of the road, but now it seems to turn. Many college students in Shanghai after graduation and choose to return home, to be entrepreneurial farmers. This indicates that China’s labor force or the emergence of reverse flow phenomenon.


With the help of

"Internet plus 80", Qu Yuchao also became a successful online marketing cooperatives in Fengxian District. He opened the field site, and brocade country supermarket "through the WeChat network business and attract attention to customers, not only to open their own cooperative sales, but also driven around the cooperative production, sales of more than about 10000000 yuan last year.

"out of Longmen, only a short while ago, far away from the" land facing back "life" is the ideal of many rural students, now more and more young people are in the land of sow entrepreneurship "seeds" national innovation and entrepreneurship atmosphere, let the "occupation farmer" has been hitherto unknown respect and recognition. Fengxian District relevant responsible person said, at present in the new occupation of young farmers has nearly a hundred, these young people with new ideas and new technology, rooted in rural areas, agricultural transformation and upgrading of the injection of fresh blood, look forward to the future they become the main force in the construction of new countryside.

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