Business needs to grasp the holiday business opportunities

as long as it is to do business, almost no attention to the major festivals, however, whether you can seize the holiday business opportunities, different owners will naturally have different strategies, naturally will usher in different results. All along, I have the holiday as the focus of sales. So, before the festival comes, I am well prepared and ready to take advantage of this opportunity to make a fortune.


National Day

a few days before the national day, I had a good dressing on the supermarket. I had a lot of lights in front of the supermarket, and hung up the China knot, also hung up some small flags, supermarkets along Lahua, after this I decorate. Suddenly let my supermarket is full of festive flavor. Some customers into the store, said: there is a holiday atmosphere ah! Shopping here is really enjoyable!"


night, my supermarket door is brilliantly illuminated. Pedestrians passing through the door, can not help but stop, and then walked into the shop. Pick a lot of their favorite items, and left with satisfaction. Some customers into the store, said: "your lantern is really attractive, ah, I do not want to buy things, but after seeing the lights actually unwittingly walked in!"

after I did it I decorated, brought a lot of customers, these customers not only increased my supermarket popularity, but also let me earn a lot of money.

old man festival exhibition

every year on the lunar calendar in September nine, I will engage in a promotional activities. Since it is the old man’s day, then of course, for the elderly. Most of our products are inexpensive, including underwear, underwear, coats, daily necessities, etc.. We have many elderly people in the District, they have more free time, so I just started selling activities, gathered a lot of people. Some of the nearby, there are also all the way, although I do not have much, but most cheap, to buy the elderly, there are young people. Everybody you one, I one. In addition to these, they will choose other goods, so that my sales promotion to achieve the real purpose.

for the elderly to promote sales, this is a good thing. A lot of people say to me: "boss, you are really a good man. Who is willing to serve the elderly ah, do not earn a few money!" Listen to her words, my heart is very warm. Yes, although the service for the elderly do not make a few money, but in fact I have a good reputation, but also to promote the sale of other goods, and ultimately let me earn a pen.

singles day free tobacco

every year in November 11th, I will make full use of this great

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