Bench below six major advantages

pasta lovers have you ever heard of the Chongqing bench? As you know the small bench chowhound story origin? Join the bench to do pasta noodles have a taste of the people, and give you the same dining pleasure.

bench originally called "fat face" facet, the bench face in the legend, there is a high stool and a short bench, sat on a high stool stool to eat noodles. A high stool, a short stool, sitting on a low stool to eat on the surface of a high stool, it is not a flavor, Chongqing bench shop where did not sit, are on the sidewalk outside eating. The origin of the bench is due to small facade, the bench surface to join the business is good, the boss flashes by using this method, such as becoming a gilded signboard.

has been in for several years in the "small Chongqing to join the top fifty" in the selection of the top ten. The boss had said that his small size, although small, but enough seasoning, eat spicy full. If you are a Chongqing, you will find that every Chongqing bench face every day there are countless people queuing, and even many of them have a Mercedes Benz BMW wealthy owners earlier to Qing long queues, only to eat a bowl of noodles


reasonable price, taste of Chongqing words is called the "right", to their taste, such as with hot pepper and vinegar, the service is also very enthusiastic. No meal point, there will be a lot of brother come to eat, that kind of busy, noisy, only you personally feel to say! Because business is good, and the bench noodle shop less than 30 square meters, will be diverted to the bench instead of the table, placed outside the shop on the dam: diners sit at short bench on the surface, the high bench eating, "bench" call so called open. Chongqing small fifty to join the bench to join the small side, to build the project to join the Chongqing side of the classic


Chongqing bench join has the following advantages:

first, training advantages: Join investors can enjoy the full training, on-site guidance, easy shop.

two, supervision advantage: head office will regularly send supervision and guidance, so that each branch to carry out business activities in strict accordance with the standards of the headquarters and norms, stable income.

three, management advantages: a unique management system so that the Chongqing bench brand regardless of the store or franchise can be normal and standardized operation.

four, brand advantage: the core of the competition is the brand Chongqing,

five, property rights: as an excellent project to join the Chongqing side, the brand a full set of projects with independent intellectual property rights, the top spot in Chongqing, the top 50 Chongqing bench has been listed in a number of places in the country.

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