The eighth new energy automobile license in Chongqing – the whole

serious environmental pollution and non renewable natural resources, so that the new energy vehicles in the market is very popular, many people become the same choice! Recently, Chongqing, a car prices received the national development and Reform Commission approved the acquisition of new energy vehicle production license, it is understood that this is the country’s eighth new energy vehicle license. Last night, the car prices, well-off joint-stock company announced that the company received the national development and Reform Commission approval, the company agreed to a wholly owned subsidiary of Chongqing gold Xin Kang energy automobile Limited company with an annual output of 50 thousand units of pure electric vehicles in the construction project approval construction.

project approval marks the company to obtain pure electric passenger car production qualification. It is understood that the project is located in Chongqing Liangjiang fish complex industrial park, a total investment of 2 billion 510 million yuan, the project construction is finished, will form 50 thousand units of pure electric passenger car production planning, production MPV/SUV series of pure electric vehicles, including new energy cross MPV 40 thousand units of passenger cars, high-end SUV 10 thousand units of passenger cars.

in recent years, Chongqing encourage the development of new energy vehicles, and introduced a number of favorable policies. The recent introduction of new energy vehicles to promote the application of the implementation of the opinion that, by 2020, the city has accumulated to promote the application of new energy vehicles 100 thousand, to achieve pile car ratio of not less than 1: 1. The purchase of new energy vehicles on the card in the city, to December 31, 2020 from Luqiao traffic fee.

competition in the market environment, the development of a city’s economy, the environment must be protected, but serious air pollution, so that new energy vehicles in the market popular! Pure electric passenger car mileage allowance, mileage in the 100-150 km of pure electric passenger subsidies 10 thousand yuan / vehicle; mileage greater than 150 km (including 150 km) by the $30 thousand / vehicle. A shares that the future will strive to achieve greater breakthroughs in key areas of new energy vehicle battery and motor control, intelligent vehicle and automatic driving system, promote strategic emerging industry cluster development.

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