Public telephone to Lirenliji

now if it comes to communication, it is certainly a cell phone, but a few years ago, the communication has not been so developed, not to mention the phone, and even the phone are rare. But many shops are often early telephone, and opening are often private use, but some shopkeepers will call these as a public phone, so as to improve store popularity, realize lirenliji.

I just opened the shop, the country has no fixed phone, not to mention the phone. People contact or rely on letters, the village a lot of illiterate old man after receiving a letter from migrant workers, they like to let me help them read to them and help them to write their children.

demand for these old people, no matter how busy I will try to explain one by one to meet them, carey read them credit vernacular, until they y understand, in more detail to give their children listen to their words, then to write the letter carey, give their children to write, to read every single word or phrase to them, until they are satisfied. Although the time and effort to pay, however, every time to see the old man happy and satisfied to go, he also found the fun to help the elderly.

there is a saying, give the rose fragrance in hand, I had no idea, helping the old people read write this little things, it will make them in mind, these old people not only took me here as a designated shop to buy goods, Fengnianguojie, and told them to go back to the children of the family what is needed, must buy to me.

is more than an old man told the children to get is a good, don’t look at the body is not good, people can be enthusiastic, you write back all the letters he helped to read to us, then we listen to nagging not to mind taking the trouble, we say to you according to the letter, the most important is that he is there things are good, are guaranteed the quality of things from the formal channels in, no one has to buy a fake in him. The price is very reasonable. The old is not lack of coax. The old people’s word of mouth, also let their children into my shop loyal customers.

shop for second years, the countryside began to call the line, I was the first to apply for a phone call. After the call, in order to facilitate everyone, I put the phone shop as a public phone for everyone to use. In fact, the number of people on the phone is not much, however, many villagers have my phone number to tell the children of migrant workers, but every day they received a call from the family to answer the phone.

for this phone, I had never refused, if the store is just on the way the customer can give each other a message, I will invite the customer on the way to tell the news to find these people, and call them the children about good time, let them wait for their families to call me back. If there is no way message >

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