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we all know that 90 is a different age groups, non mainstream had much as 90 raise a Babel of criticism of small, although I do not feel, but after a period of shaping, 90 has grown into the pillar of this era, time flies, we have grown up after 90. We created this era. In the market economy, the impact of the Internet environment, 90 in consumer psychology and habits show many different characteristics. And Maris as "the new generation tide Medley", is how to obtain the critical

90 sought?

emotional skewer strung 90

after 90 generation is the only child in the family’s core position, the formation of an independent personality, do not meet the standard, like the pursuit of individuality, unique. They advocate their own personality and recognize their own personality brand. They like things with a certain cultural connotation, can represent their own personality. After 90 want to get material, spiritual double enjoyment, greater emotional needs of the brand.

for Maris to skewer as the flagship product, founder and chairman Yang Bin believes that the foundation of our commercial street in ten years, twenty years, our catering entities came from the delicacy street food stalls, now looks to upgrade, every time we meet are the most trendy crowd.

Mai Lisi skewer OK?

so every era is changing, Maris must change. Therefore, Yang Bin numerous national, and even went to Japan, South Korea field trips, the new generation of urban agglomeration in foreign countries to find ideas to find young people like, or products, or feelings.

Yang Bin’s confidence comes from no matter how people have given variable values, for this kind of snack skewer feelings always follow a little snack: represents a close relationship with each other, a kind of common food purchased in the commercial street. Because the value of this food is actually related to the relationship.

according to the characteristics of the product, with 90 personality, Maris’s advisers proposed "dare to play games to play, dare to love and hate pride" slogan, portrays a young, personality, fashion image, advocate "entertainment will be happy, hit the 90 young love entertainment psychological characteristics. Not only that, in the rapid development of modern society, when the pace of life more and more quickly, the distance between people is more and more far, Maris advocated the resumption of the beginning of the heart, in the form of string strung neglected and forgotten feelings, let the spirit of capital more empty 90 get an outlet, more and more people to join to the big meat, the joy of sharing in the ranks.

small skewer hidden gene

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