Haagen Dazs question

dessert loving people brand is Haagen Dazs, originally a Haagen Dazs ice cream brand in America, after introducing Chinese by consumers, ages, is the essential quality of summer heat. Moreover, people’s consumption concept is now changing, Haagen Dazs consumption is no longer the season. There are still a lot of problems for the Haagen Dazs to join a lot of investors, for all kinds of questions to answer the following questions.

1, how much is the franchise fee?

join fee 150 thousand, when signing a payment.

2, how long does it take to get to the shop from the contract?

from the official contract to open business needs about 1~2 months.

3, the company must be developed by the decoration company decoration

by the franchisee in accordance with the drawings of the company’s engineering department decoration, the company is responsible for assisting the acceptance.

4, join the overall investment costs


in the calculation of rent, deposit and transfer fees of about 30~50 million (depending on the decoration material prices may have a certain amount of floating).

5, a store investment return period is how long?

according to the site, operation, investment costs and so on a comprehensive analysis, this will be in our assessment at the scene, according to the actual situation to assess a predictive value.

6, after the expiration of the contract how to do?

joined the contract signed for a period of 5 years, after the expiration of the contract will be renewed, and then renewed free.

7, the smallest area is how much?

recommended practical area of more than 50 square meters.

8, if you do not have the same industry experience can join you?

can join, but we want to join the business must have some management experience, have a good sense of business and customer-oriented service concept.

9, what are the company’s support policies for franchisees?

Before joining

to provide assessment and design professional store location, to provide systematic training and provide the perfect opening promotion support, opened early in order to reach normal business as soon as possible, to fully participate in the company management support >

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