Analysis of tea industry investment

tea shop all over the China only a short while ago the city’s tea project investment to join the high streets and back lanes, to become entrepreneurs preference. But soon, a lot of tea shops have closed down due to poor management. Today’s tea industry status quo?


opened six months

chain of tea shops selling snacks

in June this year, in the field of 10 stores "Zhuangzhuang small kitchen" in Yangzhou City, but less than half the time, the main tea, drink drink shops, but the transformation from the operation of Taiwan special snack, is this why? "The competition is so fierce, it’s hard to sell drinks." How small kitchen Biandong responsible person told reporters, "Zhuang Zhuang" in Huaian and Chongqing a total of 10 stores, basically rely on tea profit, but to raise the business after a period of time, the tea shop did not sell, so the change of business ideas, with the characteristics of Taiwan snacks."

"tea shop too much, the market has become saturated." Bian Dong said that the taste of milk tea is actually almost. Because of this, along with the tea shops blossom everywhere, consumers want to drink the tea, the consumer will follow suit to some fame ring, shop store, which brings great pressure to some brand chain stores do not influence or operate independently of the tea shop. An interview with reporters yesterday, found that not only is the "strong small kitchen" this shop, in the fierce competition, more and more of the tea shop began to transition, and even some direct closed doors.


is behind the blossom everywhere, high profit driven by

is like smoke overnight, starting from the end of 2012, Yangzhou Street will appear a variety of scale tea shop. Reporters yesterday in the city of JINGWAH turned a circle found that at least 15 milk tea shop here to get together. In addition, elsewhere in the city, such as the moon Road, Wenchang District, large and small, the name call not famous tea shop everywhere. Many people ask, why so many people choose to have tea in the market?

"low investment, high profit, can earn money." Li Yuan, a tea shop in the city, said that after graduation can not find a suitable job, decided to start their own business. Due to the daily operating costs of milk tea shop is not high, the daily cost of water and electricity and materials only three hundred or four hundred yuan, but the initial fee and rent a little high. It is precisely because of this, last year, he transferred to 100 thousand yuan fee under a store, plus renovation, purchase of equipment and other costs, investment of less than $150 thousand. "150 thousand yuan looks very high, but will soon be able to earn back." Li Yuan said, a cup of tea profits in more than 60%, selling 50 cups of pearl milk tea every day, not long before they can recover the cost.

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