Five major brand stationery recommendation

children’s learning can not be separated from this toy, although the market is not so popular clothing market, but also a long industry. Xiao Bian today recommended five major brands of stationery, to provide investors with a rich reference.


true color stationery

true color stationery in 2001 after consecutive years won the "China ten stationery brand", "China pen king", in December 31, 2004, Beijing China released Chinese most valuable brand research report, true color stationery stationery industry as the only brand to 856 million yuan brand value list "in 2004 Chinese’s most valuable brand and selected the 2004 annual" Chinese ten new brand".

2, child prodigy stationery

godling Tong please South Korea Animation Master jointly created a "small child prodigy" image, the image of lovely, cool fashion, the cartoon introduction of student stationery, breaking the monopoly of foreign cartoon, let the students have more choice and independent brand.

Xiaoshentong strict product design, the annual regular hand to Tokyo, Seoul, Hongkong and other places to collect the latest student appliance samples, absorbing the international student stationery and design essence, into practical and beautiful one, instead of blindly pursuing toy stationery, into a healthy wind for Chinese student stationery.

3, Chenguang stationery

brand building, the creative spirit has been integrated into the brand blood, become the core brand value; social contributions, dawn to help everyone achieve creative dreams "as its mission, to assume more social responsibility; marketing, a straightforward Chenguang stationery industry first, always stand in the forefront of the wave of creative marketing.

Chenguang stationery industry to establish in the one and only recommended

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