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table exercise: as long as there is a table at any time you can do, but also not easy to be detected.

standing at the table, the elbow straight, stay on the table, the center of gravity is low, the body slowly backwards, lasting 5 seconds.

"sit" exercise: in their seats can be carried out.

by the correct sitting position to the upper body recline, a palm, finger out, exhale. After inhaling slowly out of breath, chin to chest. More than 5 times the resting time. Breathe, and lift the waist, holding the heel, more protruding chin chest. To maintain this position still about 5 times the time to breathe, exhale slowly, while the upper body and restore the correct posture. With in the mouth, about 5 times of breathing pranayama. Repeat three times above.

: select the towel exercise window position, while watching the scenery outdoor exercises, in the eyes of the rest is also good.

will be right around the head, grabbed a towel around his left palm side, behind, grabbed a towel at the end, up front chest, eyes straight, breathe freely. Right to force the towel to lift up and stop for a second, fully exercise the right chest muscle. After the change on the left hand, right hand next to Fang Li in the same exercise, exercise left chest muscles.

the number of hands up, is the age of your age. A 26 year old man carrying 26 times, a 36 year old man carrying 36 times and so on.

tapping exercise: in their seats can be carried out.

hands alternately from the bottom to the lower side of the chest, the outer side to do the shoot and support action. Beat to beat the sound of the main, and beat to the red muscle. And then do the same action on the other side.

: Clap parade in their seats could be performed.

hands, arms is flat on the chest. Arm and hand in a vertical state. Arm slowly to the head, and then slowly fall back to the chest. Pay attention to keeping straight line motion. The arm slowly to the left and right to do translation movement. Continue to repeat the up, down, left, right movement, do 5 minutes.

touch elbow exercise: in their seats can be carried out.

‘s arm and shoulder parallel to the vertical arm and the big arm. To maintain this posture, hands slowly to the chest Shoulong, let two elbowing repeat this exercise 10 times.

(internship editor: Gong Yanli)

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