China will first set up a national nuclear emergency response team to deal with nuclear accidents

according to the State Council, China’s first nuclear emergency white paper released yesterday, said it would set up a national nuclear emergency team in accordance with the relevant plans, the first batch of about 320 rescue teams.

The State Council Information Office

white paper 8 chapters respectively introduce China development of nuclear power and nuclear emergency situation, nuclear emergency policy, nuclear emergency "a case of three" construction, nuclear emergency capability construction and maintenance, the main measures, the nuclear accident dealing with nuclear emergency exercises, training and public communication, nuclear emergency and nuclear emergency International science and technology innovation cooperation and exchanges.

white paper, Chinese always put the nuclear safety in the first place of peaceful use of nuclear energy, adhere to the overall national security concept, advocating rational, coordinated, and thus the concept of nuclear safety, uphold the development and security, promote the development of safety concept, safety and development has always been the pursuit of two goals of organic integration.

white paper, Chinese compatibility, integration of resources, adhere to actively supporting the professional, military and civilian integration ideas, build and maintain the national nuclear emergency response capabilities and efficient development of nuclear power safety, to form an effective response to a nuclear accident of national nuclear emergency response system.

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