Car beauty prospects considerable investment shop tips

in today’s rapid economic development, the number of car owners are increasing, the demand for automotive beauty services will not be small, the formation of a huge market attracted many businesses want to start. Today, the auto industry is quite popular, is the choice of many businesses. However, you want to run a profitable car beauty franchise, but also to see the details of the business aspects of the work is not done.

automotive beauty decoration business for more than ten years to develop automotive beauty market in China, with more than 8000 successful experience in the store, the author believes that the following are interested in investing in this trip to consider the factors:

1, store selection

suggested that as far as possible the choice of two-way traffic, traffic flow, easy to enter and exit the roadside shops, indoor parking spaces should be double, jewelry room (ie, more than 100 square meters), outdoor open space may be open.

2, operating characteristics

automotive beauty industry covers a wide range, the local part of the technical requirements of new entrants, investors should try to avoid the early opening, the pursuit of large, to the fine management concept, establish brand awareness, service project should have obvious characteristics, technical standard.

3, input output

general investment in a store about 100 square meters of automotive professional beauty shop needs 5-8 yuan (excluding rent), the daily service car about 1 years to calculate the investment can be recovered about 40.

how to open a good car beauty shop talent is the printing press:

with high salaries to dig one or two talents in good business competitors, given a certain authority, he can do many things for you, than their own training personnel to effectively explore, especially contributes to rapid growth in infancy. Good employees can be for you to juke bad for you, employees can drive off, let you ruin!!! At the same time to make good employees to share every income and you are royalties and dividends, even in the early days of the individual business contracted to excellent staff, he will take your business as own business to fight for you.

how to open a car beauty shop? Learn to share:

anyone should learn to share opportunities with others, and hope to do it by themselves. To be to do * * * mind, don’t hope every day you carry the bag out to many customers, do not hope every day you at the dinner rush back the number of market, do not hope to retain the number of customers every day you keep your smile in the store, these are to let others do. To start quickly and become stronger, you must

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