Farmers entrepreneurship case Car sheep now sell goat milk

Safety problems of dairy products in the

market has not been resolved, so some dairy farmers began to whim, let people see the direct production process, consumers will not doubt the quality of the products, there are farmers use the car to start the business of milk cows, in the street.

5 years ago, the old yellow 100 thousand yuan in Changan District opened a farm, hired 5 workers in private breeding chickens, sheep and pigs, poultry traders perennial rely on subsistence. At the beginning of this year, in order to increase revenue, Huang thought of a way, he pulled a live sheep market private cars, the squeeze of fresh goats’milk sales. So the problem is, in the streets of the crowded goat milk, it is really healthy? There are so many people on the street, but also dust on the street is also very special, fresh milk has not been disinfected, security remains to be verified. Huang said, usually see a lot of fake milk in the case of television, this phenomenon makes him very angry, so on the initiation of the idea, the purpose is to allow consumers to see it, to drink pure milk. Laohuang every day now can sell more than and 40 pound of fresh milk, the price is cheaper than the supermarket, 8 dollars a pound, so a month down to earn ten thousand yuan.

We all know that all

, now on the market a lot of milk products are adulterated, people who want to buy pure milk is simply difficult, but the farmers drove live sheep to sell milk, now crowded sell much public pursuit, see is the most assured, but also very nutritious.

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