Gansu issued opinions 30 measures to help Entrepreneurship

now the country are trying to promote employment and entrepreneurship, at the same time around the government departments also introduced a number of policies to help the development of entrepreneurship, some enterprises and individuals recently, Gansu province has issued the "opinions"   30 measures to promote employment for entrepreneurship.

The general office of the provincial government

insist on the strategy of giving priority to employment, the province will promote the development of electronic commerce in the employment planning and employment development around the industrial and commercial registration network business practitioners, equally enjoy various employment support policies, not for industrial and commercial registration network business practitioners, can be identified as flexible employment, flexible employment enjoy staff support policy, which in the network business platform business network real name registration, stable operation and good reputation, can enjoy business loans and discount policy according to the provisions.

the maximum loan guarantee business adjusted to 100 thousand yuan

vigorously promote entrepreneurial action, our province will launch a reform to reduce the threshold of entrepreneurship, and strive to create a new platform, encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship researchers support rural labor entrepreneurship, earnestly implement the policy measures such as tax relief. At the same time will improve the creation of entrepreneurial city to declare the evaluation system, increase business incubator and demonstration park construction, built 100 provincial-level entrepreneurship demonstration base by 2020, to meet the conditions of the grant award. At the same time steadily expand the scale of business guarantee loans. Will be adjusted to small loans secured loans, the maximum amount of loans from 50 thousand yuan, $80 thousand, 100 thousand yuan and other different standards for a unified adjustment of $100 thousand.

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