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Chinese believe that moisture is the root causes of the disease, so cure us pain is the best way to fend off the cold dampness for our health. There are a lot of Chinese medicinal herbs have the effect of Qushi, but if the long-term consumption of traditional Chinese medicine, may be more trouble. So we are the best in daily life can eat the food which vegetables dampness, dampness? What vegetables dampness?

what kind of vegetables which vegetables and dampness?? small next to you recommend some of the more common.

1, mung bean

is a common food in summer heat of the mung bean, mung bean can be heat clearing and dampness, summer eat also has a refreshing effect. If you feel hot body, it can be appropriate to cook some green bean soup or mung bean syrup drink. However, mung bean is a cool food, it is more suitable for hot and humid constitution, if the body is cold constitution, it is best to eat less.

2, bitter gourd


effect is bitter Qingrejiedu, Qingxin Mingmu, Yiqi refreshing effect, often eat also has diuretic function, is conducive to the elimination of edema of female friend. Long term consumption of balsam pear, will also help our body anti-virus, blood fat, but also has the effect of accelerating detoxification. However, bitter gourd is a cool food, so the body is not suitable for excessive consumption of cold, otherwise there may be adverse reactions.

3, celery

has the efficacies of clearing celery stomach, blood, throat, teeth eyesight Xingnao Runfei cough, if you often have edema, can be in daily life to eat celery. But because celery has the function of reducing blood fat, so for people with low blood sugar, is not suitable for regular consumption.

what kind of vegetables which vegetables and dampness?? these three kinds of vegetables or small presents are usually common dampness removing dampness, and are not rare vegetables, so the price is relatively affordable. Of course there are many other vegetables all function and dampness, can also be in accordance with the selection of Qushi their own vegetables love the taste and the specific physical condition.

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