Chongqing Little Swan hot pot investment costs

Chongqing hot pot of well-known brands of small and medium-sized Swan hot pot is a strength of the hot pot brand, but also worthy of your joining a project. Chongqing Little Swan hot pot? Chongqing Little Swan Hot pot was founded in 1982, the founder of husband and wife of Mr. Liao Changguang and MS. He Yongzhi to "integrity management, service society" business philosophy for the Little Swan Hot pot in 33 years starting from Chongqing all over the whole Chinese, now settled in the domestic shopping malls, department stores, business the most Hot pot brand in Chongqing.

so what is the cost of investment in Chongqing Little Swan hotpot?

from Chongqing, leading Chongqing cygnet Hot pot is one of the most classic China most innovative food and beverage brands, she was characterized by "Chongqing, spicy, health", with "classic and authentic happiness," as the connotation, comprehensive interpretation of Chongqing Hot pot unique "spicy and delicious", win the majority of consumers love.

jiamengfei joined the trademark and trade name authorized by the headquarters of Chongqing Little Swan to the franchisee to use, transfer and management of Chongqing Little Swan business technology to join the smooth shop must charge. Compared to their own shop inspection study, preparing for the opening, the need to build a brand, such as the cost of capital, investment effort, join the fee (the payment is very cost-effective) is only a very small part.

according to the basic requirements of the small Chongqing to join the franchise, the franchisee in the region, joined the four levels, according to the area of the franchise is divided into

grade A: more than 1500m2, joined the gold: 380 thousand yuan, the contract period:;

b level: 800m2-1200m2, joined the gold: 280 thousand yuan, the contract period:;

c level: 500m2-800m2, joined the gold: 180 thousand yuan, the contract period:;

d level: 300m2-500m2, joined the gold: 120 thousand yuan, the contract period: 3 years.

if you think such a join fee can meet your desire to join, please leave us a message!

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