Entrepreneurship can be trial and error but not afraid to make mistakes

many people are afraid of making mistakes in the course of business, but we all know that failure is the mother of success, an entrepreneur is afraid of making mistakes can not become a good entrepreneur, the real entrepreneurs are even willing to trial and error, to help you move. So how do we look at the right time to make mistakes?

Third, control of "trial and error" rational assessment of cost, opportunity cost, risk, discovery and cultivate the core resources and core competence.

in twenty-first Century, China business more and more prosperous, more and more business opportunities; opportunities for real estate, especially, do not you see, foreign investment, foreign bank, real estate rush. The process of urbanization in China, the city has become a huge site, what to do? How do you do it? How much money to do? Real estate enterprises are faced with many choices — the pain of choice, especially in the real estate business related enterprises, too many opportunities, too difficult to choose.

Design master

but also by trial and error than you expected, you will learn a lot of things, better go in business on this road.

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