Fujian e-commerce demonstration enterprises began to declare

The rapid development of

e-commerce, we witnessed! Not only effectively changed the way people live, but also greatly promoted the rapid economic development. In view of the rapid development of e-commerce, e-commerce enterprises in Fujian began to declare, and seize the opportunity oh!

yesterday, the reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, 2016-2017 annual provincial e-commerce business model (platform) to declare, e-commerce platform operators to declare the types include: network retail, wholesale network, business services, life services, cross-border electricity supplier, and comprehensive and innovative. Reporting time as of July 15th.

related declaration in accordance with the classification of different standards. For example, create a network retail business model, enterprise e-commerce sales in more than 100 million yuan; the total number of employees in more than 50 people; enterprises have characteristics in marketing, product quality assurance, customer management, logistics, customer service service etc..

Create a

e-commerce service platform, e-commerce service enterprises operating income of 20 million yuan or above the operating platform turnover of more than 1 billion yuan, the total number of employees in more than 100 people, the seller audit, product audit, platform trading rules, trading parties’ rights protection, the protection of intellectual property rights disputes, and illegal treatment has characteristics; supporting e-commerce service enterprises with annual revenues of more than 10 million yuan, more than the total number of employees 50 people, with the characteristics of business model, product or service system and key technology etc..

in the development of e-commerce, the emergence of a large number of outstanding enterprises. The local government of Fujian, giving positive incentives for these outstanding enterprises, the e-commerce business model has begun to declare, if you are e-commerce Master, welcome you to join in!

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