Optimizing the environment of enterprises to stimulate new vitality and development

have a good entrepreneurial environment, there will be more people willing to start a business, the opportunity to start a successful business, of course, people are willing to realize their dreams, therefore, optimizing the business environment is a very important work.

project investment environment optimization

2016 since January, cancel the food production permit pre-approval, industrial policy is no longer as a pre condition for food production license, production license is no longer required to submit proof of industrial policy; standardize Sheqi management fees, cancel the food production license examination fees, management of small and medium-sized enterprises significantly reduce the burden.

simplified enterprises run program

new aspects of drug retail enterprises: the implementation of "four card" management of drug retail business license to run the new. The third types of medical equipment, health food, pre packaged food (including drug retail chain enterprises, will be issued separately) the original "drug license", "medical equipment business license", "health food enterprises hygiene audit certificate", "food circulation permit", to issue "drug license", and indicate the other in the run the project approved business scope, simplifying approval procedures, the statutory time limit compression from the original 125 days for four the license for 15 working days, the application materials required by 32 reduced to 6, simplify the business start-up procedures.

the new pharmaceutical wholesale and chain enterprises: the merger process, cancel the construction approval procedures, the applicant can directly apply for issuing permits, for time synchronization speed. Parallel examination and approval, the enterprise directly to the issuance of drug business license and GSP certification application materials; combined drug business license and GSP certification on-site inspection. The realization of drug business license and GSP certification of the application of a project, a check, with a license.

The implementation of

all licensing matters and public services are stationed in the province, the online business lobby, set the five-star service projects, more than 60% projects to provide online application, online pre service. Among them, part of the licensing projects can be achieved online for the entire process, the applicant may not need to go through the window, only the Internet application, and submit the application materials on the Internet, which can achieve without evidence, the administrative examination and approval "to do little". Moreover, 24 hours a day can submit applications online at any time, no longer subject to the restrictions of 8 hours of work time.

The implementation of

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