Xianfeng sea – the rise of the road

ancient battlefield, modern shopping malls, from the mall fought those successful business people in awe. They are doing business in the process of hard spirit Yuecuoyueyong affects us, let us look at what the most dazzling star Xianfeng sea.

Zhang Simin is a generation of people who grew up after the famine of 1960s, and was born in Changchun in the year of the great famine in 60s, a family of teachers in the.

1979, Zhang Simin only read a year of high school, 16 years old, he was admitted to the Harbin Institute of Technology, which is a prestigious institution of higher learning, and where the party, for the third consecutive year was named "Miyoshi students"". In August 1983, after graduation, he was assigned to the Beijing Aerospace Department 207 engaged in military research and development. In May 1986, he transferred to the prestigious China International Trust Investment Company headquarters at home and abroad. His way of life is going well. However, Zhang Simin is not satisfied with the status quo, determined to do something great.

"if you want to do a big business, you have to run your own company." After getting up in the morning, he finally turned over all the problems. "Go to Shenzhen, there is a special economic zone, there is a great opportunity for development." At this point, when CITIC sent staff to invest in Shenzhen. Zhang Simin actively registered and approved. In November 1988, with a beautiful dream, he left the capital with his wife and left the newly built home.

one day, a man with a marine development of science and technology projects came to the Shenzhen branch of CITIC, claiming that ocean development is an emerging field, as long as a small investment will be able to gain. The deep pockets of CITIC is perhaps more sales are busy and have no time to attend to, perhaps is that this project is too small and not worth too much effort, then refused to request.

Zhang Simin in the side secretly anxious, his heart felt that this is a great project as the ocean development at the time, although just started, but it has unlimited potential, this is a very rare opportunity. This project is later marine tonic health care products, that is, the king of the sea group of gold products oyster.

Consider again the decision from the CITIC

Zhang Simin, came out alone, he invited several like-minded friends, with a company in Zhuhai, established a deep sea pearl nourishing health food Industrial and Trading Company, started development work of the oyster.

1989 in May, at the age of 26, he solemnly tendered his resignation to CITIC investment department, in July 8th of the same year, his own Industrial and Trading Company Shenzhen and Zhuhai (Neptune Group predecessor) was established in 3 ordinary houses residential buildings in Shekou stone village announced. Zhang Zhimin, general manager.


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