Kerry and a product to join the details of porridge

as a catering service provider in Beijing, Kerry and a product management Limited by Share Ltd is undoubtedly successful, set production, management, sales and development of diversified health food service enterprises, its subsidiary, is a good choice for entrepreneurs to join you.

Beijing Jiahe Yipin

management Limited by Share Ltd was founded in 2004, after years of efforts, and business areas have been a simple food chain developed into a set of high-quality agricultural products and food sales, catering chain stores, convenience services to provide diversified health diet and food service providers. It involved in catering, entertainment, real estate, network industry for more than and 10 years, with "Jiahe home, and your world" as the core of culture, with "conscience quality, the integrity of the" business philosophy, to innovation for the tastes of the public, to create a healthy food and beverage brands for the purpose of development, according to the Chinese people’s diet structure do Chinese home, fast food nutrition, advocate of traditional industries and high-tech combination, is a leading fashion, unique style, chain development "of the modern enterprise.

joined Kerry and a product of porridge

company has won the national breakfast project demonstration enterprises, the national staple food processing demonstration unit, national health and nutrition, Forbes Chinese restaurant has the development potential of 100 enterprises, Chinese science and technology progress award, Chinese catering industry leader, China catering industry growth ten, 50 strong, Chinese Chinese fast-food catering industry top ten enterprises, Beijing catering ten major brands, AAA grade corporate credit evaluation, "2012 China annual" good taste "is the ten favorite chowhound restaurant", "2 billion 12 million favorite cardholder signature restaurant", "China franchise Innovation Award", "food safety demonstration shop" more than 50 awards.

join advantage:

one, enjoy the right to use the brand, trademark.

two, enjoy a strong headquarters of the new R & D institutions launched new products, new service model.

three, enjoy the headquarters of the unified market planning to bring the value of the return.

four, the franchisee selected shops on the field investigation and assessment, and the shops and the rate of return on investment in detail.

five, send professionals to guide pre opening planning.

six, responsible for the overall design of the store.

seven, to help franchisees choose complete sets of equipment and furniture.

eight, the total output of the company’s management model and system (for the franchisee to provide the company’s operating manual, staff)

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