How to do a good job in the nternet brand promotion

now the whole society is beginning to become a network era, under such a background, a channel through the network platform to achieve such goal of entrepreneurship has become a new business model.

1, target market determination

2, competitive brand analysis

3, brand core value and brand personality

two, brand marketing and implementation of

and implementation of brand marketing

1, extreme details, perfect experience

carved sirloin, spent 5 million yuan to buy Hongkong chef Dai Long sirloin formula; each pair of chopsticks is custom-built, brand-new, the meal can also take home; the soup bowl with the mouth contact part is very thin, very smooth, but the other part is thick and relatively rough, so that people drink soup, contact the lips some will have a good feeling, but the bowl is thick rough will give people a sense of security, the bowl at the 8:30 position to open a thumb groove, the end time is more stable, while in the 1:20 position also opened a slot can put chopsticks and spoons stuck there, when the soup spoon and chopsticks do not hit in the face.

and so on, carved sirloin details will be the extreme, gradually create a fine light luxury dining experience. Together with these fine experience in the network of word of mouth, opened two months, on the realization of the restaurant where the flat effect of the first place; VC investment recommend 6

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