Some suggestions on Franchise

traffic is many entrepreneurs should consider things, there are a lot of franchise note, if you are interested in the franchise, you can refer to some suggestions among the article, based on the actual situation.

only made the regional location of the store structure of the choice of shops is not enough, because in a same area, a chain store may have several open alternative locations, but some places for a chain store, is a good place to open one hundred percent.

to another chain store, it is not necessarily the most satisfactory place to open. Therefore, a new chain stores in the choice of the location of the region, but also to consider a variety of factors and constraints, to make the choice of specific design locations.

goods to store is easy. It is necessary to consider the use of the chain can be used to adapt to the transport capacity of the pipeline to meet the requirements and easy to load and unload, or when the freight costs increased significantly, will directly affect the economic efficiency of the play.

in the city bus station near the chain store, to analyze the nature of public station, station or station is always, is the main station or parking parking station. In general, the main parking station traffic, chain stores can attract more potential customers. Midway station and the station has always been the flow of no uniform law, some more than halfway station always stand, and some always stand more than half-way station.

The favorable and unfavorable conditions to analyze the

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