What is the name of the company

the name of a company, it is equivalent to a person’s name, directly determines its future operations, so it is very important, many investors even hesitate to buy the name. Of course, this is not the only means, then the name of the company in the end what are the methods?

(3): the company name in foreign countries, manufacturers will find the names of professional planning company. These professionals named the company, completely replace the majority of the human brain with a computer, like the United Kingdom, the global name of the company’s annual turnover of tens of millions of dollars. Branch is located in Tokyo, New York, Meagan, Madrid, Seoul and other places.

computer named price is absolutely cheap: if only marketing domestic brands, one is the thirty thousand in the US, if the international brand marketing is five to one hundred thousand dollars. Professional computer name of the company, is really "a linguist, talented men still remained in concealment, and computer players, the author master actors, members and some imagination especially distinguished genius. Our results, often have a blockbuster brand.


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