Hu Xiaoli to provide convenient services to attract more customers

is running a number of goods, even if the attitude is good, because the competition is fierce, leading to a lot of shops are not ideal business. Therefore, only a few additional business, will make the store business is higher. And Hu Xiaoli’s choice is to provide convenient services, thereby attracting more customers.

my shop opened in the residential area of the urban district, the shop has 5 years of time, that is, from the real estate developers to buy the building after the start of the community. Shop mainly engaged in sugar, tobacco, tea, daily necessities, etc.. My district is mostly office workers and wage earners, consumption levels. Start the entire area is only two supermarkets, business is passable, but since last year has increased to a convenience store, more than one competitor, all of a sudden a lot of light. So, I began to take the road of complex operations, to enhance the popularity of the store to attract more consumers to spend.

first, I apply a collection courier business, sometimes express parcel, mail sent to the district customers home, they encounter are not at home when the postman sent it in the store, I helped them to keep a small blackboard in front of the store with the chalk mark today have a certain express, please as soon as possible to receive, they see the blackboard after coming back from the store to get my message again. I help the customer courier collection never charge fees, so we naturally and in the course of contacts with customers, enhance each other’s feelings, they will need to buy goods by some home to express when.

The second is to increase

, prepaid recharge business and apply for paying for utilities and other services, although this type of business can only earn a modest fee, but can facilitate the area where residents, provide convenient facilities for their stores, also win more popularity, the higher the popularity, naturally attract more customers. After the business, they always buy a pack of cigarettes, or a bag of washing powder, or other daily necessities.

In order to enhance the popularity of

, I also added a group of better sound in the shop, on the computer search for a variety of song name square dance, free time to imitate the above demonstration of the action and rhythm followed practice. After a period of practice, I finally learned a lot of square dance, so I called in the area of the aunt who had dinner here jump square dance, in order to exercise muscles, exercise fitness.

my this move attracted countless sister aunt who, after dinner every day they gathered to love me, I would let the wife see their own shop, led them jump square dance in the shop next to the open space, a pleasure of the mind, on the other hand increase the feelings between each other, so they also more willing to patronize my shop. Since I have added more than a few business, my shop business is booming, these complex trial operation has brought

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