Open a home style shop layout

bar due to the huge pressure for modern people to provide spiritual relief, and enjoy life, and rapid hot market, market is very optimistic, many investors also look here, so if a rustic style bar, the shop should be how to layout?

"local customs bar", mainly the sale of "local customs" and "local flavor", business success, the layout of the store accounted for 60% of the time.

bar inside the ground can be available cheap cheap pebbles or large, the size of the bluestone paved, wall hanging some paper-cut, New Year paintings, a portrait of Chairman Mao is more atmosphere, because there are still many people hanging his portrait of the vast rural areas.

tables and chairs also pay attention to a few rough, not painting simple wood furniture, small bamboo chair (stool), small bamboo table can also be available; local flavor of red cloth or cloth, denim.

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