Pegasus brigade founder Yuan Yue 90 entrepreneurial opportunity has positive tilt

entrepreneurial opportunities have been to 80, 90 tilt." Pegasus brigade founder Yuan Yue said, "the new demand on the market today, must be made by the new creators to meet. We can not expect to rely on old comrades and old mechanisms to meet the needs of young people."

April 22nd, as the fourth China (Shanghai) international technology import and Export Fair, one of the characteristics of the forum, the Global Youth Innovation Forum held in shanghai.

Pegasus brigade founder Yuan Yue said in his speech, with the current economic level, people’s living standards improve, while primary entrepreneurial projects throughout the content of entrepreneurship is going deep into the. "I encourage young entrepreneurs, because they want to find a little thing, you have to control to it, then you can make a deep, deep like the person you love, never abandon. The opportunity to do fine, so we call it the accuracy of the vertical. The point of all this depth is a big change in a territory." He said.

Yuan Yue said, Pegasus brigade is to build such a business layout. On the day of the forum, from Germany, France, Japan, Belgium, the mainland and other places around the Strait of entrepreneurs launched a global recruitment of young entrepreneurs and global launch ceremony.

Yuan Yue said, "we launched the world youth entrepreneurship, in 100 of the world famous university, with students as the core, the country to absorb the local students and international students together constitute the entrepreneurship club, the entrepreneurship club youth entrepreneurship and condensed into a chamber of Commerce, chamber of Commerce and the mechanism of youth entrepreneurship docking domestic entrepreneurship support overseas. In addition, promoting the bidding type entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial self become a rich direction and content, to further deepen the whole youth forum also landed on this concept."

in the public venture, the highly innovative requirements, for the first time on this intersection set up Innovation Exhibition, all-round display of hackerspaces, inside and outside a passenger, students and other youth management achievements, Pegasus brigade, mushroom cloud record passenger space, Tencent and other institutions to participate in the exhibition business base.

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