Take its attractive irony at large the better to apprehend him


name for a store what it means? Different operators may have different views, attention will naturally be different. In fact, the name as a carrier, it is not in every hour and moment to passers-by to transmit information. So for the customer, a sufficiently impressive name than the length of the shop introduction more practical and useful.

Xiao Wu home snack bar boss, don’t look at him now, business is booming, but in the shop at the beginning, but faced a lot of difficulties in business.

as a result of today’s factories, so the factory opened around a variety of restaurants. What is not worth the attraction of Xiao Wu snack bar, naturally will soon be buried in this little corner. The tepid business barely let Xiao Wu is very dangerous.

one day, he saw above some well-known shops found when reading a newspaper, there are a lot of similarities between them, it is an impressive name, such as "Goubuli" and "Chou Niu", he was inspired from. He looked at his own sign: Xiao Wu snack shop.

of course, this world is called Xiao Wu to the more, but it is not what celebrities, and just start, who will remember this sign? Xiao Wu, after much deliberation, finally thought to take a name of their people gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory stores: strange unpalatable snack. Since the normal operation is not up to the effect, then why not in the name of up to a one hundred and eighty degree turn, ironic.

changed the name, "strange disgusting" snack soon attracted the attention of passers-by. What are the characteristics of the snacks? Since changed its name, there are often many guests to the store to experience, point a few dishes taste, see this strange unpalatable snack how terrible? From then on, Xiao Wu’s "strange disgusting" snack sales began to rise.

revelation: "name of potential

at large the better to apprehend him."

1, reverse naming. Methods the name of all sorts of strange things, as long as it is able to seize the attention of consumers, a good way and will not damage the image of his own shop the way is hundred-percent. Is the so-called "whether black or white, can catch mice are good cat." This inverse method is mainly adopted named Xiao Wu skillfully captures the consumer psychology to publicize their purpose. In the state of Oregon, there is a restaurant called "the worst".

although the restaurant has virtually no what originality, but it is by virtue of the "worst" for yourself a large number of customers have a gilded signboard. This method named reverse if used properly, than those "every 3 >

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