How to open a restaurant to improve the turnover rate

fast pace of life, let our diet are also changing, many people have no time to cook their own food, usually choose to buy something to eat, open a restaurant, want to raise revenue, but from two aspects, one is to improve the customer’s consumption, the two is to increase traffic restaurant the. So, today, the small series focused on increasing the flow of guests from the restaurant, teach you how to improve the turnover rate. Here are the details:

1, shorten the guest dining time is to improve the turnover rate of the fundamental

how to open a restaurant to improve the turnover rate? The manager of the restaurant should let every employee in the restaurant understand that to improve the turnover rate is to shorten the time for guests to eat. Therefore, from the guests into the dining room to leave every aspect of the restaurant, as long as the shortening of a little time, it means that the guests shorten the meal time, it means that the time to shorten the table. Food product, food, dishes, collect empty dish details will improve the restaurant over Taiwan, therefore, the restaurant employees from each department to improve the efficiency of power within the scope of their work, shorten the time.

2, restaurant value added service – allows customers willing to wait

guests and concierge work focus is to keep the guests, guests, etc., to avoid the loss of guests. In the face of fierce competition, waiting for the meal is the highlight of value-added services. The first is to entertain guests, followed by an increase of free services. Jade is double stores now offer free drinking tea, ice powder free shoeshining service; service; free newspapers and magazines in the reading service; free tea break service.

3, the front office and the district to make use of the time difference with

restaurant in order to improve the rate of turn over, the hall with the outside of the district is the key. The "time difference" is a good method, through the intercom contact, in a position to determine the pay, such as a district or concierge will begin to welcome guests order, at the same time, the value of the table Taiwan waiter will place "reminder card" on the table, on the one hand to remind the guests carefully slide and take your personal belongings, on the other hand to remind employees of various departments, ready to turn Taiwan tools.

4, restaurant music has a great impact on the customer’s meal time

how to open a restaurant to improve the turnover rate? Music is an effective tool to control the guest’s staying time. At the peak of the guests, the song can be played in a lively and graceful manner, so that the guests can move faster and faster. Low peak, then play classical music or lyric music, can make the guests leave…… 5, service skills can improve the restaurant turnover rate at the end of the time, the waiter should greet the new guests, please wait a moment, and arranged for the guests to leave as soon as possible. Some guests after dinner, still talking endlessly, the service staff should recommend

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