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in order to be able to attract the public, now many businesses start to put the energy into the advertisement above, using a variety of shocking advertisements to attract customers, and ultimately because of exaggeration but lost more customers. So, even if the industry is very competitive, if we want to make the business more popular, ray advertising language is not desirable.

today’s supermarket competition is becoming increasingly fierce, many shopkeepers have begun to focus on the advertising language, it can be said that this is indeed a strategy. A good advertising language can not only attract customers, but also can narrow the distance between themselves and the customer, and then build a communication bridge between the store and the customer. But in fact, there are many shopkeepers playing word games, deliberately do article in advertising language, but in fact did not achieve the desired objective, sometimes also counterproductive, not only lose a customer, but also affected the business. To this end, we do a discussion, listen to your experience and insights.

customer Mr. Wang

talk about the ad, I really have something to say. That day, I have a friend in the circle of a person made a link, his advertising language is too shocking, I can not help but look at some of the tempted, although I know he is a lie. He said: "as long as I add WeChat and forward to get a small gift!" I think he is still relatively good, at least I helped him forward, it is to help him publicity. But, after I added him, and sent him in his circle of friends.

when I asked for a gift, he said you had to do something. He said a lot, and I didn’t understand. Do you write above plus WeChat and forward you can get it? There are additional conditions? Listen to me say to him to. Do you want to get a gift so easily? I didn’t think about it, that’s what you said. Let’s argue you in a word. Later, he told me that you love to do not do not do not want to get.

of course I don’t want to get, but I was in his circle of friends to send again and write the content, he is using the shocking advertisement to cheat in the circle of friends and customers, the move I immediately got a lot of response and support of friends. There are a lot of my friends call him accused, anyway, we are not afraid, you are doing business, you do not want to be good, we are afraid of what. Later, he finally compromised. However, their bad reputation has spread out. So, I think the shop can not be false, must seek truth from facts. It is a very low-level practice to make word games.

comment: Mr. Wang’s experience, I am afraid we have encountered, under normal circumstances, we chose silence, and Mr. Wang can argue with the end, your spirit is one of their own dignity >

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