There is no continuous business failure is not Sany Liang Wengen

now young people generally have more impetuous young vigor at the same time it is difficult to face the failure tolerant, often cannot bear. In fact, there is no business failure, Liang Wengen after the failure of the continuous venture, eventually set up a Sany, a net worth of 70 billion entrepreneurial myth.

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80 in this group of entrepreneurs are born in poverty, a Liang Wengen was born on January 1956 in Hunan Loudi village. 1983 graduated from the Central Institute of mining and Metallurgy (now Central South University) materials science. Liang Wengen after graduating from university successfully assigned to Hong Yuan Machinery Factory is located in Qixing street in the town of state-owned enterprises. At that time in the mountains and downs of the countryside, the depths of the mountains of this enterprise is not a lot of civilized lights. At that time, Chinese society is in the beginning of the second round of reform, various ideological trends are surging. Liu Chuanzhi and Zong Qinghou are after years of work began to venture, Liang Wengen is obviously different. New students at work quickly showed his out of the ordinary, he and some like-minded partners decided to resign from the firm and secure work, do Chinese plots embrace economic ideal began their hard pioneer.

about the original sea story, Liang Wengen always mentioned selling sheep. New year’s day in 1986, he received the news on the market a sheep can earn 20 yuan. Thus, Liang Wengen and 3 other partners decided to resign, went straight to Xiangxi, Changde, Guizhou and even the production of sheep more places, but bought a large number of sheep was informed that the market is bullish because of foreign trade department to cancel a contract, after new year’s Day sheep price will fall. Then, he quickly retreat, entrepreneurial attempt failed. Then do wine, also failed; do glass fiber, or failure. A couple of times had changed to Liang Wengen’s dream.

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