What the most money selling wonton 20 days net million yuan

sun, temperatures of over 30 degrees, Jiangsu University senior He Yong insisted on wearing uniforms to send out the takeaway, uniform is fairly standard. Each delivery, I have to recommend myself to say that I am a college student, now selling wonton business, this is my only gimmick."

5 20, He Yong and other students raised a total of $200 thousand, in Zhenjiang City, the back of the river under the background of a 40 square meters of shops, joined a wonton chain. Less than 20 days time, his shop netted more than 1 yuan.

A small village

23 year old He Yong from Sichuan Nanchong, attended River Chemical Engineering and technology specialty, his outstanding achievements, scholarship, and Zhejiang has a Taizhou pharmaceutical company signed the employment agreement. However, his heart has been unable to disclose the pain, which is caused by high school retinal detachment left eye amblyopia.

although there is no business experience in the University, but on their own can not take the unusual way as early as expected, He Yongcheng himself is a very love thinking, "go to a restaurant for dinner, the students are concerned which the food is delicious, I pay more attention to store decoration, tableware, table color etc.." In order to persuade students to gather together to start the funds, He Yong put the usual store in the head of the details of the venture are one piece together, so that students see his confidence and careful. He Yong gave the students calculations, 200 thousand yuan of investment looks great, but if I fail, there are hundreds of thousands of yuan of shop transfer fee can be guaranteed, flat down the loss of ten thousand or twenty thousand yuan for every young person is affordable." In this way, the 5 students of the Institute of chemical industry to raise funds of 200 thousand yuan, sold a wonton.

"at 8 every morning to the store tally, tidy up the kitchen, takeaway, cashier, orders, washing dishes…… Busy until 11 in the evening to go back to the dorm to sleep." He Yong joked that he is the boss, and is also responsible for the man, and the store’s customers chatting, understanding customer satisfaction and suggestions. Familiar with the habits of the students He Yong took over the shop, the first move is to join a takeaway website, the network can also enjoy a single point of direct orders, the amount of takeaway shops straight up, the best day of business

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