Open electric car store conditions and requirements of small secret

is now in the social life, electric products are very popular, while electric green travel mode has also been recognized by the people, the electric car stores, good prospects, business opportunities, so now open electric car stores what are the requirements?

if the scale has not yet formed in the township market circumstances, the store should choose a focus in the area of electric vehicle sales. If you do not have the above circumstances, the choice of the store should be fully considered when the relatively large areas of consumer traffic, such as department stores, home appliances, clothing street and other surrounding.

select stores should not two in professional electric car market: market is not to choose the first and the last one. The first market often acts as a showcase and inquiry. The last one is often very few people patronize, less traffic will affect sales. The right lot should be in the middle of the market near the entrance. Stores should pass unimpeded, Chaoyang, transparent. The warehouse is not more than 5 minutes away from the store.

Lots of stores are concentrated in the choice of

select stores in the larger passenger area, in addition to the front of the environment and road traffic outside, due to non professional area or market should consider the indicator of the store.

in the product display should highlight the varieties with prominent emphasis has obvious sense of hierarchy. Open an electric vehicle store products must be set aside between customer visits, demonstration channels.

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