Six ministries jointly promote the plan to return home entrepreneurship projects may be exempted fro

cities and towns are gradually saturated in the field of entrepreneurship, rural market development. In order to further encourage the majority of migrant workers and college students to return home to start their own businesses, multi sectoral joint implementation of the support plan, engaged in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fisheries to return home entrepreneurs can be exempted from corporate income tax.

home business drives the development of forest economy, combined with the local forest resources, on the premise of protecting ecological forest, make full use of the space under the economic varieties suitable for local development under the forest, and vigorously promote the development of forest economy, support ofreturned venture in the continuous innovation. To guide the returning entrepreneurs to establish a sense of responsibility for ecological protection, encourage the use of new technologies, new processes to carry out deep processing of forest products and by-products, and promote the development of recycling and comprehensive utilization.

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