The enterprise should quickly onrush or steady

for entrepreneurial road should be how different customers may have different views. Recently, a venture capital circle over the speed of venture onto the table, to discuss what should be the rapid breakthrough, or steady.

"today, tomorrow will be creative, copy, if you don’t hurry, only death." Founder of the small coffee show, the second shot where a beauty entrepreneur’s first stage, dressed in a bright red Jumpsuit skirt and a cute black hat, with extremely elegant and valuable speech, let the audience applause.

"media had previously reported a who enters the angel round, who entered the A round, the entire business circle rhythm seems to become very fast, but a personal growth need deep thinking and learning accumulation, if you too fast, in the product, strategy and management, have no time to study, after all or die in happiness, not live through the winter." In his speech, Liu Xiaoqi gave an eloquent argument: in 2014, the country has more than and 800 O2O companies to enter the A round, but survived less than 1/4.

see teammates with opponents facts should be severely hit Flower Technology founder Rongchao sit. "Everyone is an entrepreneur, I would like to ask all the people present – you do not work overtime? Don’t you stay up late? Don’t you come across all night? Will do it. Then we work overtime, stay up all night, all night for what? For fast! In order to quickly seize the market, the establishment of barriers, financing, in order to quickly achieve the dream of our hearts. Run to the end, to the front line, this is the fastest." From a young age by virtue of the computer all the way to go to school to go to school, with IT technology to transform the traditional flower supply chain processes, with fast to keep flowers beautiful and life at the same time, also won the rapid development of enterprises.

"Seiko skills, keep your rhythm, fast people have died, live recommended

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