Cai Wensheng investment and sometimes anti humanity in the future there must be a big company beyond

day before Gelon exchange " Hong Kong " battle; Carnival series of Overseas Investment Summit third station in ShangHai Railway Station, chairman of Meitu Xiu Xiu, long collar founder Cai Wensheng shared his overall investment in the battles and feelings of 16 years of Chinese Internet industry. In his speech, he said that investment is the need for time, investment is also the need for vision, and even sometimes investment is also anti human.

Cai Wensheng said: "just like you buy a lot of stock, when you need money, often sell the most profitable, the temporary loss of the remaining, this is human nature." Him as an example of the Tencent, the South Africa Company MIH is $22 million from the IDG with PCCW hand picked up 45% of the shares of the Tencent, now also holds 34% of the shares of the Tencent, according to Tencent today he should be almost two trillion of the market value of HK $seven hundred billion. All Cai Wensheng believes that investment must sometimes be anti human."

Cai Wensheng also expressed the view that people are saying that it is difficult to have such a company BAT, but he believes that there will be a new big company.

he said, "today the Internet all right, BAT, or Facebook, the infrastructure are built, we like 30 years ago Chinese economic take-off to bridge the road, but the bridge renovation is not necessarily the most profitable, you go to buy those shares inside highway A and you won’t make money, like the Internet, then enter the next field, is to use the infrastructure to create, these creator is subversive."

that he called "subversive" has what kind of features? Cai Wensheng gives three features: the future is all things can be subverted, subversion will need to be creative; second is to be able to subvert the complex things simple things; third, is able to subvert our original this the business model, the means of transport.


Cai Wensheng said that the investment is really a happy and meaningful things, of course, success is not so easy, must spend some time to study, to have independent thinking ability to have a chance of success.

following Cai Wensheng speech record:

good morning everybody, everybody Gelon sinks friend is good, very honored to be here today to share with you.

recently, because of the reasons for the listing of the United States, so rarely out of some public places.

I said before is associated with the Internet, Gelon today invited me to exchange, I began to think of what we should say, because today’s topic should be aimed at Hong Kong stocks, with investment related. I think, in fact, most of the world things are related, including my own on the Internet for more than ten years, in fact, do things, whether it is their own business or, or do some investment or are in fact related.

host just introduced me, said I started to become the main Internet

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