How to open a tea shop Need to pay attention to what issues

open milk tea shop should pay attention to what is important? Many operators are more concerned about the rent and other issues, in fact, this is correct. The cost of opening a shop is a key issue, and there are other issues need to be concerned about it? Let’s have a look. Xiaobian share some suggestions, hoping to be able to enlighten you.

in negotiations with the landlord, should pay attention to the following questions:

1, rental cost estimates. (a survey about the shop about rent, and can afford the rent, at least talk heart bottom.


2, the lease is preferably three to five years, rather than a year to sign. And the first three years generally do not increase the rent, the appropriate increase of fourth years. If it is a mature period, the promotion point should be very small, the new district will be difficult to say, will be relatively high.


3, to establish a good relationship with the landlord. To remind the landlord that a good shop can enhance the value of his house, and the stability and safety of the landlord to suppress the idea of rent.


4, if there is a public works near the impact of the store business, you can ask for rent concessions.

5, talk about additional conditions. The repair of some of the major infrastructure, clear understanding of the existing situation in the store, through negotiations, requiring the landlord in front of the rental for basic renovation, or require the landlord to bear the corresponding cost of demolition and construction.


6, responsibility attribution. (due to natural disasters, humanwell etc. were beyond our responsibility to lead to business, to be completed before the re decoration shop rent calculation.



management is behind the whole tea shop management support; have perfect management in order to effectively control the operation of the whole management system. How to open a tea shop? If our products such as tea taste good, not properly pay attention to small details (such as low efficiency, poor service, waste, etc.) will seriously affect the tea shop business, naturally can not continue to operate; therefore "investment confidence in management".

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