Rich two generations rely on the underwear business to turn their lives into a generation

Each field of

business market are at the stage of the wonderful story of entrepreneurship, as a generation of the underwear market, many entrepreneurs are ordinary people can not imagine in the initial experience of entrepreneurial hardships, they rely on their own perseverance in the underwear industry opened up a road to wealth exclusive.

in the meantime, many enterprises perform different versions of the Chinese type shift, although there is no underwear industry like other industries because of the problem of succession and broke many dramatic stories, but around the shift the story but also exciting.

the story from the sisters brand shift start.

A, the label of life

Pan Chuwen gives the first impression is very humble, and speak very refined and cultured, and full of passion, optimistic, confident of the future development of the brand and have a very strong ambition, more importantly, this kind of humility, self-confidence and passion has always been throughout the conversation in.

2008, Pan Chuwen completed the overseas postgraduate career back home when it is the first time the market crisis sisters sisters brand experience, brand from 2004 years after it has been sold more than HK, suddenly fell to about twenty million, and from Austria, Yizhini jealousv, Li Lennon, according to Mary, the leader of Yanbu underwear MISSHA to be their sheep racing together bridle to bridle far behind, the sisters encountered a bottleneck in the development, in the words of Pan Chuwen sisters almost collapsed in 2008 when.

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